Unique Atmosphere

Lineage 2 Redux took 2 years of development, countless hours of tests, creating formulas and game mechanics that directly influence the gameplay, our Team is commited to offer our players a true Lineage 2 game experience as it was ment to be played.

No Wipe Policy

Lineage2Redux team is working on Grand Crusade. Big event at Relaunch!


There are over 30 main classes in Lineage II, which differ depending on the race you choose. As you begin to explore the many possibilities of what your character can be, first decide if you want to choose your character by Race or by Class, and the rest will follow. Each Class has it's own Role, there is no class better or worse then the other.

About Lineage 2 Redux

Lineage2Redux is a free high rate Lineage 2 professional private server running under Helios. This server took 2 years of development, all the game mechanics and formulas are results of countless tests and thousands of hours spent making it, it is the only private server with retail like Helios game mechanics, that offers to our players a unique gaming environment, access to all in game content without exception, exceptionally good working class skills, class mechanics, game mechanics overall and no Pay2Win donations.




Epic Bosses



Lineage 2 Redux

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